Corporate data moves within and outside of the perimeter. More mobility makes it more difficult to see how sensitive information is being accessed and moved into cloud applications. The complexity of combining data protection, encryption, authentication, and identity management solutions makes it difficult to set policy. The challenge can be solved by thinking of information protection holistically—allowing you to control policies seamlessly, as data moves from on-premises, to cloud and mobile devices, and everywhere in-between.

Data Leakage and lose prevention

Our DLP solutions provide deep visibility and the ability to control how individual user can access data,

  • Help you discover, monitor, and protect your data.
  • Give you visibility into what data is confidential, where it is stored, who is using it, and for what purpose.
  • Help secure all your essential information.

Products and Technologies:

  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention
  • TrendMicro Data Loss Prevention
  • McAfee Data Loss Prevention
  • Safetica – Data Loss Prevention

Database Security

We provide database security and compliance solutions that offer:

  • Centrally-managed, enterprise-scale, database hardening
  • Comprehensive policy compliance
  • Database masking
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Database monitoring and auditing for improved data security across the enterprise

Products and Technologies:

  • IBM Guardium Database Activity Monitoring;
  • IBM Guardium Database Auditing and Real-Time Protection;
  • McAfee Database Activity Monitoring;

Data Encryption and Cryptography

Our portfolio additionally includes endpoint, disk, full disk virtual machine encryption drive, applications and folder, file and email encryption solution. That integrates with Data Loss Prevention solutions to automatically encrypt sensitive data being moved onto removable media devices or residing in emails and files.

Products and Technologies:

  • SafeNet ProtectApp
  • SafeNet ProtectDB
  • SafeNet ProtectFile
  • SafeNet Tokenization
  • SafeNet ProtectV
  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption-PGP