Content Services Platform

JCCS has proven experience and distinctive competencies in implementing best in class information governance projects, based on the award winning Everteam Content Services Platform; Everteam is the leading European provider of Content Services Platforms, and the first French Company to be listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management. The Everteam Platform offers several innovative product families, such as the following:

Information Governance

This is the bread and butter of the Everteam Content Services Platform, based on the ‘best in class’ and ISO certified Everteam Records and Archives framework, which is adopted by leading fortune 500 companies and iconic organizations globally, in order to capitalize on all their information assets, govern them properly and turn their information assets…

Process Automation

This product family provides organizations with the most adequate balance for Business Process Automation, through addressing collaborative workflow with the use of the state of the art Everteam Correspondence Framework, as well as pre-defined process modeling and automation, based on the Everteam Case Management Framework.

Content Management

This product family provides comprehensive solutions for Document Management, using the Everteam Documents Framework, addressing the organizational needs for implementing its documents taxonomy and filing plan strategy.

Service Oriented Portals

JCCS leverages proven best practices in implementing world class internal and external portal platforms that cater to a sustainable Digital Customer Journey for organizations, in order to provide organizations with a complete digital experience platform, based on best in class technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint; below are the type of diversified portals which JCCS can deliver for your organization:

External Portals (e-services)

This concept has been revamped the past couple of years; Gartner now has replaced the Portal Magic Quadrant with the Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms; from a service implementation perspective, JCCS possesses the competencies of .Net as well as Java software engineers, in order to implement digital experience platforms that can shape and digitalize…

Intranet Portals

We can start from a basic point pertaining to having a collaborative internal portal for an organization, scaling towards a workflow and case management enabled portal which embraces the notion of ‘Employee Self Services’ and interoperability with existing systems.

Big Data and Analytics

JCCS provides the competencies, expertise and technology that addresses  the entire spectrum of Big Data for any organization, based on the following dimensions:

Data Visualization and Analytics

Comprehensive data visualization and analytic platforms that can provide a secure, innovative, smart and sustainable analytical layer for any organization, catering towards making information a source of competitive advantage.

Data Storage

Leveraging Big Data technologies such as HADOOP for Highly Distributed File Storage (HDFS); big data projects should have the required architecture for processing and storing huge data volumes, in variable formats and at different peeks.

Data Integration

Partnering with the leading data integration solutions for Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), as well as Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM)

Data Capture

Ingestion of data from multiple sources and in multiple formats.