Prevent network intrusions while making applications available. Avoid zero-day attacks and automate policy enforcement.

Next Generation Firewalls

Our high-capacity data center firewall solutions deliver exceptional throughput and ultra-low latency—enabling the security, flexibility, scalability, and manageability required of a data center edge or core platform. Either appliance or chassis-based solutions that combines a high-performance firewall with the flexibility to enable fully integrated UTM personalities (such as VPN, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-malware, Anti-spam and URL filtering)—providing extensive protection profiles for in-depth defense.

Products and Technologies:

  • Fortinet-FortiGate NGFW
  • Palo Alto Networks-NGFW
  • Force Point

Intrusion Prevention Systems

We provide an in-line IPS device that is inserted seamlessly and transparently into the network.  As packets pass through the IPS, they are fully inspected to determine whether they are legitimate or malicious. This instantaneous form of protection is the most effective means of preventing attacks from ever reaching their targets

Products and Technologies:

  • McAfee Network Security Platform
  • Cisco Fire Power

Secure WAN and VPN

We offer our customers a broad range of options for establishing VPNs in both major categories by supporting IPsec, SSL-TLS, and L2TP VPN technologies which lower the total cost of ownership and provides the most possible flexibility.

Products and Technologies:

  • Pulse Secure (Pulse Connect)
  • Fortinet-NGFW
  • Palo Alto NGFW