Integrate information from various security disciplines. Connect your security processes with your business processes.

Security Information, Events and Log Management

We offer the most comprehensive Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solutions that enable cost-effective compliance and provides advanced security analytics to identify threats and manage risk, so you can protect your business.

Products and solutions

  • IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform
  • Logrythm
  • RSA Netwitness
  • Fortinet (FortiSIEM)
  • McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Security Analytics

We have a special focus on the end-user IT analytics across all endpoints, users, applications and network connections, all the time, in real-time. That utilizes self-learning, mapping and patterns to understand how all applications and services are delivered to the end-user’s (physical and virtual) endpoints including quality of service, compliance metrics and security threats. For depth in defense security it provides an additional safety net for end-user and endpoint security. IT departments use this enterprise-wide solution with real-time analytics to detect non-compliant and unusual activity, which represent possible security threats and risks.

Products and solutions

  • Nexthink End-user Analytics