Web Proxy and Content Control

Our security solutions provide a complete control over all your web traffic, delivering world-class threat protection. Robust features include user authentication, web filtering, data loss prevention, inspection, and visibility of SSL-encrypted traffic (including the ability to stream decrypted content to an external server with an Encrypted Tap license), content caching, bandwidth management, stream-splitting and more.

Products and Technologies:

  • Blue Coat Proxy SG Secure Web Gateway
  • Blue Coat Content Analysis System “CAS”
  • Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance “MAA”
  • Blue Coat Management Center
  • Blue Coat Reporter
  • Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance

Encrypted Traffic Security

We offer serval Encrypted Traffic Management solutions that decrypt SSL and HTTPS traffic and direct payloads of interest to a variety of sophisticated security mechanisms, including Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), malware analysis, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) while avoiding the 30 -80% performance degradation often seen in HTTPS visibility deployments.

Products and Technologies:

  • Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance
  • Blue Coat Proxy-SG SSL Inspection
  • Blue Coat Encrypted TAP for Proxy-SG
  • Fortinet NGFW SSL inspection
  • Palo Alto SSL-Offloading
  • F5 SSL Orchestrator

Web Anti-fraud Security

We offer a fraud prevention solution that helps you keep your users protected & secure – so you can deliver a frictionless user experience, combat more fraud and grow your digital operations – no matter which devices your customers use; includes server side protection; mobile devices, either in cloud or on premises, with client agent or agent less deployment scenarios.

Products and Technologies:

  • F5 Web Fraud Protection
  • Microfocus ArcSight PCI Logger
  • Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

Web Applications Security

We offer several WAF solutions that enable organizations to protect their apps from OWASP top threats, application vulnerabilities, and zero-day attacks. Furthermore, to gain the flexibility they need to deploy Web Application Firewall (WAF) services close to apps to protect them wherever they reside—within a virtual software-defined data center (SDDC), managed cloud service environment, public cloud, or traditional data center.

Products and Technologies:

  • Fortinet-FortiWeb
  • F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF)